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Stories of Impact

ANWA is exhilarated to launch a new segment “Stories of Impact”!

We are grateful to narrate the efforts and dedication of all the strong women of our community whose business and identity have got impacted by ANWA.

Our first story is about the journey of Neeru Mittal

Neeru Mittal, started following her passion for teaching cooking and baking as a hobby in 2015. However, she was not sure if it could be turned into a good business. When ANWA was launched in 2018, Neeru was among its initial community members. At that time, Neeru had just kickstarted with a few offline classes. With the help of ANWA’s Business Pathshaalas, Neeru was able to create a brand identity, navigate technology to launch online classes, and find a good product market fit for her classes after a few rounds of experimentation, besides learning to manage her roles as an entrepreneur and homemaker.

“In a ladder of 15 steps, ANWA’s Business Pathshaalas helped my business reach the 10th step from the 3rd step.”

Now she is running this business @salt_and_pepper_learn_to_cook with confidence and giving employment to 2-4 people. She has trained approximately 1500 people and deals with premium clients. Her business has grown by 70% after joining ANWA and she earned laurels like Best Cooking Classes 2019 awarded by Sanjeev Kapoor, Best Cooking Classes 2020 awarded by Kunal Kapoor and Vicky Ratnani and also won ANWA Rising Star award in the year 2019.

"ANWA is a great platform for those who want to convert their hobby into a business or have an idea and passion to do business. ANWA works as a torchbearer in your business journey, they guide you in tackling your business problems and in growing your business."

- Neeru Mittal

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