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Awards: ANWA Celebrating Women

Entrepreneurship is hard. One doesn’t wake up one fine day and become an entrepreneur. It requires years of struggling, planning, experimenting, failing, trying again, and most importantly, believing in yourself when no one else does. Right from conceiving an idea to developing it, acquiring funds and tending to your enterprise, there’s a lot of work to be done. And the struggle becomes harder when you’re a woman.

Statistical data suggests that women are less likely than men to start a venture, because they lack funding and self-confidence.

It’s easy to overlook this hard work and years of oppression that have prevented the rise of women entrepreneurs. And this is exactly why it is essential to acknowledge the work that goes behind a woman running a business. Awarding them isn’t just about recognizing their successes; it is about respecting the faith they kept in themselves, bowing down to their failures and subsequent rises, and saluting their immense courage. It is about celebrating their happiness.

Honoring their journey is a central pillar of ANWA’s legacy. Over the past 3 years, we have made the ANWA Business Women's Awards a landmark event of Mathura, to provide recognition to unheard and uncelebrated voices.

In the first year, our awards recognized the best in the industry; the second year’s awards were dedicated to upcoming entrepreneurs, and in the third year we included professionals as well.

Each year, we’ve awarded 25+ women in our one-of-its-kind initiative. We aspire to keep growing by awarding and celebrating many more women in the years to come.

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