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Go Vocal for Local with Women Run Businesses

In the day and age of the pandemic, several businesses suffered huge, and sometimes irreparable losses. The impact of this was felt most deeply by small businesses, and more acutely by women-entrepreneurs and female employees.

Around 72% women-led businesses fell short on cash as compared to 52% male-led businesses.

This reflects the wage gap between women and men that has existed for centuries. To close this very wage gap, you can start by taking small steps.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to support women-owned businesses:

  1. By supporting a woman-led business, you’re contributing to women’s economy, and gender equality.

  2. Women entrepreneurs still face difficulties in accessing fair capital and in sourcing investment. When you buy from new businesses, you help women in establishing their businesses.

  3. Often, women run small businesses and work-part time aside from raising children and supporting their families. Any income they receive through their enterprises helps entire families.

Apart from this, when you support women-owned businesses in your localities, you’re helping the growth of your local economy and several other people benefitting from the local economy.

Aatm Nirbhar Women’s Association is a firm believer in uplifting women-led businesses and encouraging women to follow their dreams through their businesses. ANWA supports these women with guidance and resources to take their enterprises forward.

‘Go Vocal for Local with ANWA’ is an initiative to boost women entrepreneurs of Mathura and help in transforming the local economy.

So remember, when you support a small local woman-led business, you’re supporting a dream!

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